Going with it…


One of the hardest parts for me when working in ink is not being able to make a change once I’ve drawn something.  I’ve never been one to shy away from commitment, but Zentangles are certainly challenging me to “go with it”.

This was a tangle that I actually created for my dad for his birthday on the weekend.  These are the perfect size to put on the front of a card for an instant one of a kind greeting.  I used some foam adhesive so he can actually take it off and use it as a book mark if he would like.  I think I need to go make one for myself! 🙂


It’s been forever…


It’s been forever since I’ve taken out my Zentangle supplies and  spent some time just focusing on a structured doodle!  It’s been a busy month with progress reports at school, and birthdays at our house (my youngest turned two!).  But today seemed like a good day to take some time for me, so I went to see what the challenge was this week at I am the Diva CZT!  Out of the box was just what I needed, so I grabbed my Copic markers and pulled out my colouring paper – venturing onto different paper felt a bit like cheating at first, but the smooth texture of the paper was a fun contrast to the Zentangle tiles!  Besides getting bested by one of the patterns, it was a fun adventure!

I really need to get back to my Zentangles more often!  Take a deep breath and draw on, right?!


A challenge!


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I thought I would step out of my comfort zone a bit and try out a challenge this week!  When I took my first Zentangle class three weeks ago, my instructor mentioned a site that posts challenges called I am the Diva.  I thought I would stop by and see what they had on the go for the week!

It was a string challenge using a string from one of my favourite sites – tanglepatterns.com.  I figured now was as good a time as any to try it out!


I think Tile 7 is my favourite to date (yes, I know there are only seven to choose from, but I’m working on it)! 😉  I tried out a bunch of new patterns, and I love the combination of organic and light with graphic and bold.  This was also the first time I tried carrying on patterns “underneath” others.  This string just really had me feeling like this piece had a bunch of layers, so i tried to capture a bit of that feeling.

I can’t wait to see all the other fabulous creations this week!

Week 3


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tangle-5 Week three has come and gone, and I managed to get a few more tiles under my belt!  Yahoo!

Tile 5 was fun because it took on a bit of a life of its own!  The one corner seemed to grow and grow and grow…I thought it might end up off of the page! 🙂  The other funny part is that, now that I am looking back at it, I have no idea how I created the pattern on the right hand side anymore! 😉  It’s cool, so I’ll have to go back and figure that one out again!

tangle-6Tile 6 was a challenge because Chaining got the better of me again.  Oh well, what’s a tangler to do?  That’s it – draw on!  I took on Ornamato in this tile, and love the way it looks like a string of pearls!  I think I want to play with this pattern some more!  It reminds me of my hubby who happens to be a goldsmith!

The other fun I had this week was using my Japanese Washi tape to spruce up my Japanese pens!!!  I have a few different sizes and although I don’t use the bigger ones too often, I am constantly trying to figure out which one I want when I get started!  So now, all I have to do is look for  pink one and I will be all set!  🙂

My pretty, colour-coded pens

My pretty, colour-coded pens

Well, that’s it over here today!  Can’t wait to share my next post – I took on a challenge!

Week 2 con’t – Tangling Punzel


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I love the look of the Zentangles called Chaining and Punzel, and I can see all sorts of placing in my tiles where the shape just seems to fit.  This fascinating shape, which almost appears to weave it’s way up through the other patterns, has become one of my favourites to date.

It’s funny though, how something that is fascinating can also be so challenging.  The pattern is created with simple, repetitive lines as are all Zentangles, but this one had me cursing and swearing a bit this first time out (so much for maintaining my zen! ;)). I was having a hard time getting the ribbons wide, so I ended up with a lot of negative space.

It was also fun to give Purk another try!  This was one I learned in my Zentangle class, but haven’t really explored it since then!  I think it is a fun contrast to Punzel!

Alright, off to take a deep breath and draw on!

Week 2 – Tangling Bales


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My 3rd tile

So, as I sat down to tackle another tangle, I thought it might be fun to try some new patterns.  We explored about 7 in the class I took last week, and so it was time to add a new one to the mix. So off I went to TanglePatterns.com so see what official Zentangle patterns might capture my fancy.

So for this tile, I added Bales to Hollibaugh, Striping and NZeppel.  I also added a little bit of Fescu to the inside of the loop to finish off that edge.

I’m really happy with this tile, although I am learning that it is really hard to feel relaxed when I am trying a new pattern. Staying focused on what I am doing is a challenge when I keep looking at my reference to make sure I have my strokes right!  The great news about Bales is that is is so easy that the next time I tackle it, it should be a lot easier!  So onward and upwards!

Take a deep breath and draw on!

Let the Journey Begin!



Tangle 1

My first tile – January 13, 2013

A few weeks ago, I came across a term I had never heard before while searching for art lesson inspirations for my grade 4s and 6s – Zentangles.  After a bit of reading, I realized that it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, so I moved on.  But at the back of mind, there was a little voice encouraging me to go back and do a little more investigating about this “zentangle” process…if not for my profession, than for myself.

So, go back I did, and what I found was a fascinating process mixing intentional doodling with a meditative experience.  Taken from the Zentangle website:

“Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.”

Tile 2

I was a bit intimidated to try it on my own, so I found a local certified teacher named Sandra Chatelain, and signed up for a beginner class.  After two hours, I had tried out 7 different tangle patterns and had my first two tiles complete!

I think I am hooked!  I know it has only been a week, but I am fascinated with the process, and I can see all sorts of places that this can fit into my current interests. I hope to use this little space here on WordPress to document my learning and doodling journey and perhaps connect with a few others who have caught the tangle bug too!  In the meantime, I am off to get tangled!

Thanks for stopping by!